Dev Update #2

This is the Dev Update #2 for Timeless Adventure: A Journey to Begin. In case you missed it, here is the Dev Update #1. The focus of the last few weeks was on creating more puzzles.I use Twine to help me with that. Twine is a great and versatile open-source tool if you ask me. Even though … Read more

Dev Update #1

Hey,I wanted to start posting more regular updates about the state of the game. So here is the Dev Update #1. About the game First, let me give you a quick overview, what I planned for this game: One seamless connected fantasy world where time got frozen (only for humanoid beings though) A storyline, that … Read more

Pirate Captain

A long time ago he was a feared pirate, but once he got his wooden leg and a missing eye, he became very ineffective in combat. And the rum… the rum made him quite the bad steersman too. That is how he ended up with the smugglers.