Dev Update #5

For Dev Update #5 the focus was on optimization, a new area, the water shader, and some minor (but nonetheless important) improvements. Optimization So there was quite some stuff going on under the hood this time around. Even though the game should not be too taxing anyway, now stuff only gets drawn, whenever it can … Read more

The Slums

The Slums are situated at the edge of the city. This is where mostly two types of people end up: has-been adventurers, who blew all their found loot on Crystals Tears and fancy ladies and so-called Outcasts, whom the permission to make any kind of transactions in the city was taken from by the Kind … Read more

The City

Another area in the game will be the City: A vibrant hub for adventurers and merchants. And, of course, the main export destination for pulverized Crystal Tears. In order to ensure a frictionless distribution of the officially illegal substance, bribe money is allocated generously.

Dev Update #1

Hey,I wanted to start posting more regular updates about the state of the game. So here is the Dev Update #1. About the game First, let me give you a quick overview, what I planned for this game: One seamless connected fantasy world where time got frozen (only for humanoid beings though) A storyline, that … Read more