Dev Update #8

Welcome to Dev Update #8. In case you missed the last Dev Update #7, you can find it here. Today I will talk a bit about my GMTK Game Jam entry the swamp area.

GMTK Game Jam 2021

First I wanted to tell you, that I took part in this year’s GMTK Game Jam with a small little game. You can play it here for free if you are interested. The GMTK Game Jam is a 48-hour game jam with great little games and awesome ideas. I encourage you to check out some of the games, there are some really good ones in the mix.

Guardian of the Synthwave is a small puzzler with a good old synthwave track. The game is nothing too fancy, and definitely not perfect, but I think it is good for some quick fun for a 48-hour project.

Swamp area

But back to Timeless Adventure. I reworked the Swamp area quite a bit. It should now feel more swamp-like with old ruins scattered in (remains from the age of the dwarfs). I also want to rework the sky, which obviously doesn’t fit into this rainy swamp area yet.

Vegetation Shader

I also worked some more on the vegetation shader, which is now more versatile and can be applied to different plants, so that they can all swing in the wind.

Other than that, there was just some under-the-hood stuff going on, where I can’t really show much, since it was mostly code. But in case you wondered, the code is written in GDScript, the native Godot Engine script language, which I really like. It may not be the fastest language, but it is super convenient and not too hard to get the hang of.

I hope you liked this short Dev Update #8. Check out Dev Update #7 in case you missed it and please consider wishlisting the game (big Steam button below).

If you want to learn more you can also follow me on various social media platforms (find all of them here on my website). Thank you and see you next time.