Dev Update #6

Welcome to Dev Update #6. Not too long ago, I released a demo. I got some very good feedback, and so my focus was on implementing most of the points mentioned in the feedback. I am currently revamping all of the areas. Also, if you missed the Dev Update #5, you can find it here.


If you haven’t already, feel free to check out the demo. I got some very useful suggestions (thanks to anyone, who submitted feedback) and already implemented some of them. At some point in the future, I plan to also update the demo with the changes of course.

Check out the demo trailer if you haven’t and you can download the demo here:

Some of the Changes


One of the main criticism was the controls. So I reworked and improved them. You can now play the game with just the left hand on the keyboard. But, if you don’t like that, you will be able to assign your own custom input keys for any given action in the future.


Some feedback pointed gameplay improvements out (like starting to walk after animation, when a button is pressed during animation, and such things), which I also implemented (most of them). Still a lot of room for improvement, but anyways.


I also implemented more settings in the options menu. For example, you can now choose to use V-Sync, which also fixes the frame rate to the frame rate of your monitor.

I also added far distance blur to the game, which looks nice in my opinion, but if you don’t like it, you will be able to turn it off or tweak the strength of it. And anti-aliasing is also added to the game

The audio options still need some tweaking, though.



I at some point have to rework how the sound fades between the areas since it is a bit buggy at the moment. For now, I added some new tracks and effects to the game. Check out the Harbour area:


I made the first version of the intro cutscene. Even though I don’t want to let too many cutscenes interfere with the gameplay, I plan to make a couple of cutscenes throughout the game to set and progress the story.

Area overhaul

Most of the areas still need some work, but they are getting there. I currently focus on improving the general look and feel of the different areas, and also how they differentiate themselves from each other. Have a look:


Some minor changes to the harbor with a few of the characters added in. Also, the ships are now moving and jarring in the water.

Dev Update #6


A lot of work went into the city, with a lot revamped and details added. I also added some of the characters. It is not finished, but I like where this is going.

Dev Update #6


The slums / outer city got a completely new look. Still not finished though, characters and the details are missing as well as some rearrangements will be made in the future. I hope you prefer it over the old style though (you can find a screenshot of the old style here).

Dev Update #6


The farm area got minor tweaks, also I might remove the rainbow at some point since the kingdom is not such a happy place after all ;).

Dev Update #6

Posting time schedule

One thing I want to mention is that I plan to make updates and posts more regular. Not necessarily more frequent, since it takes a lot of time away from development to do this stuff, but at least more regularly. So, I want to make a Dev Update every month and post on social media once a week.

OK, I hope you liked Dev Update #6 and until next time. Check out Dev Update #5 if you missed it and please consider wishlisting the game (big Steam button below), it would mean a lot to me.

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