Dev Update #3

This is the Dev Update #3 for Timeless Adventure: A Journey to Begin. In case you missed it, here is the Dev Update #2.

My focus was still on implementing and coming up with more Puzzles. The negative part about this is, that there is not much to show you. The positive part is, that the puzzles are the meat and bones of the game, and I better put some work into them.

Different Actions

I also implemented a few more actions.
So far the available actions are:

  • Possess characters and animals
  • interact with the world
  • pick up, place, and craft items
  • combine items in your inventory
  • use items in your inventory
  • examine items in your inventory
  • take items from containers


Another area in the game will be the City: A vibrant hub for adventurers and merchants. And, of course, the main export destination for pulverized Crystal Tears. In order to ensure a frictionless distribution of the officially illegal substance, bribe money is allocated generously.

Timeless Adventure: The City, Dev Update #3

Fire shader

Even though I made the fire shader already some time ago, I wanted to share it again here in this Dev Update:

It is simple, efficient, and I think it fits the style quite well, so I am pretty happy with the fire. (In the video it seems to flicker, but that is just because I was/am bad at recording videos). It is more fluid irl ;).

What’s next

The puzzles will take some more time to implement and also a lot more time to polish. But at the moment I want to focus on implementing more areas in the following weeks and on fleshing them out.

I hope you liked the Dev Update #3 and check back for the next one.
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